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1. IT Consultancy

We provide IT consulting services which includes project management, application development, web design & development, telecom services, Infrastructure and maintenance services. Our Enterprise Resource Planning system provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using databases maintained by a database management system. Our systems track business resource cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments such as orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

-Integrated more than 24 Modules
-Data Structure and Data Base Design
-Integration of the Modules
-Testing and Debugging
-Installation and Training

Custom Application

We work with clients to assess their unique needs in a discovery phase, define a realistic project scope, and quickly deliver well-crafted online systems that streamline operations and delight users through their straightforward, uncluttered interfaces.

We also develop Create browser-based applications built to load quickly and equipped with finger-friendly navigation. We Develop applications with optimum performance on any device. Get an enterprise digital assistant equipped with a long array of screen sizes, user- friendly interface and hardware specifications serving all necessary functions to view your business operations one-the-go.

Smart Services

The smart cities initiative has been launched in many cities all across the world. The concept focused on IT connectivity, efficient public transport and assured water and power supply. Being an expert in this industry, our domain knowledge covers, vehicle tracking, smart metering, a smart lighting, medical wearables, amongst others.

We are one of the leading names in this domain to offer solutions with a commitment to deliver high performance through unique silicon-to-software capabilities. In fact, our experts conduct extensive research and development initiatives, innovation and give best to design, build and manage challenging projects. We have successfully executed some of the best and successful Smart City implementations in different states. Adding to that, we even try to address the interests of diverse communities by implementing most advanced integrated solutions where we include fiber backbone, Internet of Things (IoT) platform, sensors and applications. This exclusive amalgamation reassures the unified and sustainable conversion of the unconnected to the hyper-connected city.

-Smart City Solutions
-Smart City Intelligent Platform
-Smart Lighting
-Smart Parking
-Smart Environment
-Smart Waste
-Smart Energy
-Smart Street Furniture

Cyber Security

Cyber security is not simply a product you just can buy, but it is something that should be built end-to-end. Glocal Technology Limited is a specialized Information & Cyber security company based in Bangladesh. It was founded specially to provide organizations with Information and cyber security resources and services. Our end-to-end end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services and solutions are focused to protect our clients’ information, IT infrastructure, networks, applications and databases against external/internal intruders and hackers.

Due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of Information Technology, the challenge to ensure Information and cyber security changes rapidly over time and becomes harder day by day. Continuous dedicated efforts from highly qualified domain experts are needed to face these challenges. Unlike other solution providers in Bangladesh, GTL focuses only on Information and cyber security as its primary business domain.

GTL provides different cyber security related solutions & services to the clients to meet their needs for security, visibility, compliance, and performance. Our focus is on providing end-to-end security solutions to cover the all the Information security requirements of our customers. We Provide Cyber Security Services includes: –

Enterprise Solutions
Security Information & Event management
Privileged Assess Management (PAM)
Next Generation Firewall
Email Security
Endpoint Security
Network Monitoring System

Industrial Solutions
DDoS Protection
DNS Security
API Security
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Anti-Spam & Phishing Protection
Zero Trust Security

Security & Surveillance

Defence Surveillance
We offer turnkey surveillance solutions to our clients and thus assist them in the effective management of resources and physical infrastructure more efficiently. We facilitate you with surveillance & security systems and workforce applications. We have a team of experts who can assist you in setting up and secure your business premises through excellent capabilities in system integration. We provide high advance surveillance products. Today right from big corporate houses to critical government institutions such as defence, infrastructures, and military, are using our turnkey surveillance solutions. In fact, our services are now recognized and chosen across all size of businesses. Also, our dedicated research & development team always keeps a close eye on market trends and request, which had helped us introduce more advanced solutions for the clients.

Port Surveillance
We are very much familiar with the fact that ports and coastlines constitute a specific target for other criminal activities as they play economic importance, but at the same time, it is also difficult to secure. We offer video port surveillance solutions and thus allow you to monitor the safety of crews successfully and guard against any theft. Our port surveillance systems operate using existing Internet and functional anywhere and help you improve the range of remote visibility in every condition. Our port surveillance solutions are not only used for live monitoring but are also well equipped with cost-effective, active cloud-tools that even allows you enjoy detection of any video motion, automated alerts, remote management, and more.

City area Surveillance

As cities continue to expand, security in common areas is getting more important. Opting for a city surveillance system can be very beneficial in reducing the crime, and further increase the citizen safety, along with putting a complete hold on vandalism. Our city surveillance system as security cameras can help you assist law enforcement in arresting criminals whose act got caught on the camera. Our experts very well understand the fact that no two cities are similar and neither two areas have the exact same security needs. Consequently, we try to install cameras in areas beneficial to recording. We offer city surveillance system that can enable you to execute the following capabilities:

• Live surveillance on a city-center scale
• Prompt presentation of any imagery about numerous areas with high resolution
• Detection of motion in real time and tracing of the high number of targets at the same time
• Complete data recording facility available during the operation
• Long-term data archiving

Data Analytics & Data Warehousing

understand exactly what you require

We will always keep you in the loop on the progress of the process so that you know what stage it is at and an indication of how far it has come.


Simulators spare real-world equipment from wear –and –tear and exposure to the elements, as well as enabling training in extreme situations that would be virtually impossible to practice in the field.
Moreover, they can be used under all weather conditions and around the clock. Simulators lend themselves extremely well to ground, air and naval forces as well as civil sector users, recreating a realistic environment for training individual operators and crews. Moreover, they can be used to train entire units in tactical operations to prepare troops for out of area peace enforcement missions.

Here are major examples of simulators used in different organization:
1. Rifle Firing Simulators
2. Aircraft Simulators
3. Ship Simulators
4. Driving Simulators

Wi-Fi Solutions

-Public Wi-Fi
-Corporate Wi-Fi