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Glocal Technology Limited is a premier information and communication technology services company that provides real values to businesses and individual through digital technology. Glocal Technology Limited starts as its journey in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh for giving service and support to ICT services in areas such as Software Development & Hardware Supply, IT education & training, Security & Surveillance, Electro-mechanical solution and embedded system integration and maintenance. Since its establishment it has been operating and implementing various Government, Semi-Government, Non-Government and Private programs successfully.
With perception of the vision, we have been incorporated world-renowned equipment manufacturers and service providers to extend our best effort to make all events successful. From the beginning Glocal Technology Limited has closely worked with foreign manufacturers like USA, European Countries, UK, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and so on.
Well-equipped Service Center and foreign trained personnel are providing continuous service and support to the clients and highly educated and motivated marketing personnel are assisting in selection of best product by ensuring full satisfaction.


-To serve and protect the interest of our clients providing the best available services.
-To achieve excellence in providing those services and encourage their participation through employing the ever-evolving information and communication technologies.
-To provide both the private & public sectors with innovative and robust solutions that exploits that exploits the potential of edge-cutting information technologies. These things are done by listening to the needs of our clients as they grapple to align new technologies with business strategies.


To provide clients with high quality services and appropriate information technology solutions at a cost-effective rate with the required ongoing service and support. Glocal Technology Limited is the source of exceptional services and solutions. It is done by continuous stimulating awareness of total quality principles among our professionals and embracing change, continuous improvement, diversity, technology and innovation; we strive to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the clients.


Our main area of expertise is ERP Solution, Biometric Authentication System(1:N and 1:1) Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Payment Gateway Design, E-commerce, Web Application, Website development, Vehicle Tracking System, Digital Security, Facebook & Other Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, SMS marketing, Software Development, Graphics design etc.

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Glocal Technology Limited is well received for their user-friendly, responsive, yet simplified interface design. Extra cares are taken when it comes to the security of any operation by providing

  • Single point login
  • Instant SMS notification for unknown device access
  • User access role
  • Two-step verification
  • QR code for any approval letter

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